Sunday, June 24, 2012

3 For 1 Special

Wow! Wow! Wow! Boy does it feel good to be back!!! Over the past month, I've found myself in a downpour of men, and yes I am singing in the rain. I already talked about Mr. M but here's a quick update. I haven't been out with him since my last post but we've been talking. For the most part I had counted him out but he sent this really cute text that was just too adorable to ignore. I think we're going out tomorrow. I must say I'm excited but there's still something about him that makes me *eh* you know.

I also have my red head Mr. Z. I kind of messed up with him because we were going to go out tonight but I pulled a fast one and backed out at the last second. He wanted to get drinks and go to a comedy club but I just wasn't feeling it tonight. Really bad, I know. Luckily for me he was VERY understanding and we're going to meet up later this week.

And finally I have a Mr. TDH (Tall Dark & Hansom). I have been dying to post about him for a while but I've been to lazy lol. Mr. TDH is a very private person and for good reason so in order to respect him he will be Mr. TDH on this blog. Okay, anyway I first met Mr. TDH last year and was instantly smitten, like I mean as soon as I saw him. Ever since then I've been too damn scared to talk to him but that all changed on Friday night when I finally got the nerve. He is really nice, insanely gorgeous, funny & just chill. We were going to go out yesterday but he had to make a trip to the "Mothership". Hopefully, he'll ask to hangout soon because he is 1000% my cup of tea, with one glaring exception which I'll talk about next time.

Life Lesson #146: Upgrade from your ex 'cause you damn well deserve better!!!

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